Monday, October 31, 2011

Doug Aitken - Sleepwalkers

This art piece is a nighttime, video installation that was displayed on MoMA (Museum of Modern Art), back in 2007. It shows eight large scale video projections that are placed on the facades of the museum.
Sleepwalkers is a narrative without beginning or end. It displays the nocturnal life of city inhabitants - an electrician (Seu Jorge), a bicycle messenger (Ryan Donowho), a businessman (Donald Shuterland), an office worker (Tilda Swinton) and a postal worker (Chan Marshall aka Cat Power).

This is a site specific cinema experience and Doug Aitken is the pioneer on this kind of display. The images in motion occupy the city providing an experience to the pedestrians. This raises an interesting question - the experience of the museum was inverted, there are no more walls or barriers, there is no more a conscious choice to enter the museum space. It becomes a larger urban experience where the building is turned inside out and the city becomes a laboratory. 

Take a look of the video below.

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