Monday, October 31, 2011

Paolo Roversi

Paolo Roversi was born in 1947, in Ravenna. Started his career with a small studio for celebrity portraits, in his hometown. In 1973 visited Paris and met Lawrence Sackmann who took him as assistant, that's where Paolo Roversi learned most of the things that turned him into a professional photographer. Later on he took small jobs and it was Marie Claire who published his first majos fashion story. A big range of his photography are created in the studio, using 8x10 polaroid format and long exposures that give to his images an ethereal and apparition like ambience.

"I have a very mystical and spiritual approach to photography, which I can't explain, and I don't need to. I like sometimes to lose myself in the indefinite. That often happens to me along the path of beauty, without ever truly understanding where to proceed, and the further I manage to see, the deeper the mystery becomes... then an idea begins to take shape, a dream coming to life, a memory awakening, and it is then that I open the curtain and prepare a reflector; it just takes a little light and a little courage to make a photograph." 

Paolo Roversi

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