Thursday, November 10, 2011

Maurizio Cattelan

Maurizio Catellan is having a 21-year retrospective at the Guggenheim, in New York. 123 art pieces are exhibited in an unusual way, suspended by cables in the museum rotunda. These pieces are literally hanging in the air, occupiyng the whole central space in the Guggenheim Museum, which makes you discover the pieces as you go up in the building.
This innovative exhibition called 'All' was a huge surprise for art critics and lovers and appears after Maurizio Cattelan announced his retirement from the art world, which as been seen as a clever decision in since he had already reached it's highest. As the works hang from the ceiling we can feel them like puppets in a fragile position. As Linda Yablonsky from The Times puts it, "The 123 works on view suggest nothing if not a mass suicide by hanging, and for that reason the spectacle is as sad and sobering as it is remarkable."
Anyway, if you by any case are lucky enough to go to NY until January don't let this pass.

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