Saturday, November 19, 2011

Versace for H&M preview night... We happened to win an invite for it, we were even kind of excited because living somehow apart, being busy with work we can't manage to meet so often. We met =) BAM! white fur all over no no no not pillow fight what so ever, just both of us wearing white fur coats. We went out for dinner at Kaffeehaus wonderful pumpkin soup! BAM! white fur all over again! No not on the soup... two stray white dogs have kept us company while having dinner, one of them was truly mysterious.
Well, speaking of dogs, they are free because they don't question themselves. Well, we did it, we questioned ourselves and all the huge amount of people in a queue waiting to enter H&M for the Versace event. Suddenly we looked at each other and thought: NO WAY! We will not be wasting our time 
for one piece of fancy H&M, which everybody will know where it's from and everybody has. Maybe if something remains from the fashion victims fury! We left 5 minutes after looking around and being a little bit depressed with all the pomp; definitely not our kind of thing.
We promise we will write a post if one of us ends up buying Versace for H&M! In the meanwhile we hope you seize your time well and enjoy the pics of us that night at dinner and the white fur inspiration.

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