Friday, November 4, 2011

Sergei Paradjanov - Sayat Nova

Sergei Paradjanov is the director of Sayat Nova or The Color of Pomegranates created in 1968. Paradjanov a director from Georgia, born in 1924 is also the writer, the costume maker, the scenographer and choreographer of this masterpiece. It conveys the life of Sayat Nova, an armenian poet, though metaphoric images and excerpts of his poetry. There is virtually no camera movement and each shot is carefully constructed creating painting like compositions. The experience of watching this movie can be compared to seeing a moving canvas so it must be seen as a visual and poetical experience rather than as a literal narrative. 

"I think Sayat Nova is like a Persian jewelry case. On the outside its beauty fills the eyes; you see the fine miniatures. Then you open it, and inside you see still more Persian accessories."
Sergei Paradjanov


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